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There are a number of ways you can help support XentaxWiki, the Xentax site and Xentax Foundation, and MultiEx Commander:

  1. Contribute to the wiki. We would always appreciate the help, especially if you contribute information on new formats.
  2. Post on the forum. Keep it on-topic!
  3. Donate to the Xentax cause. Not only will it help us out, but it'll score you a license to download MultiEx Commander!
  4. Advertise Xentax and/or MexCom, preferably in a cool and unusual way. Just have a look at what these guys did! This will also score you a license for your MexCom copy, just make sure to tell us about it and send us some pics for proof!
Why do you charge for your MultiEx Commander?

Mr.Mouse charges 10 euros for each MexCom because he doesn't otherwise get paid for the time spent developing it or maintaining the site. Donated money is primarily used toward the site's DNS registration fee, hosting and maintenance on the server. Note that it isn't really necessary to donate money for a download, if you contribute a great deal on the forums or this wiki, or if you find an interesting and original way to advertise MexCom, you may find a nice little email in your inbox with a title similar to "A reward for your contributions"...  ;)

Of course, you don't have to do just one... the more help you offer, the better we can serve you, and others!