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The XeNTaX Wiki is all about file formats, game resource archives and general game modding.

It's main purpose it to provide an open database of specifications of Game Resource Archive Formats (GRAFs).

XeNTaX' MultiEx Commander and Watto's Game Extractor are but two tools that enable gamers to open GRA's from their favourite game, supporting hundreds of GRA's.

It is via the XeNTaX Wiki that gamers can request support for new games.

Gamers can start a new GRAF Page, in which they request "demystification" of the archive of their choice. That page will be investigated and updated by the two principle investigators Mr.Mouse and Watto. But anyone who can help is encouraged to join the MultiEx / XeNTaX GRAF Wiki project and write file GRAF specifications.

The XeNTaX Wiki is upheld in close association with the Game Request forum at the XeNTaX forums. Users are free to drop in there and post additonal requests/comments/questions.