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Jaeder Naub V1.7.4c

Updated from 1.7.4a to 1.7.4c [17 October 2005]

Hello there dear rippers! =D
Still in alpha stage , but works kinda fine anyway :D
[Edit: 17 oct - now the download actually works... =X ]
Most significant fixes of 1.7.4c:
Ripper failed if the folder "ripped" werent present in the same directory.
fixed now =/ *sigh*
funny how new bugs are introduced when others are being fixed....
hope no one download 1.7.4a ...because it wouldn't really rip out anything at all. =X

It was from the beginning intentionally created
to rip out textures/sound from Silent Hill 3, Max Payne 1&2,
3D Mark 99/00/01, and Scene Demos (such as Farbrausch demos, rember to unpack those first).
so I cannot promise it will breakthru all other datafiles/Exefiles
out there =)

and make sure you depack any packed exe files before you load
them into the ripper, as it will not depack it =)

The ripper has bugs, yes. so please do not report obvious bugs =D


Thanks Strobe!! Will give it a nice place! - Mr.Mouse