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News Archive

  • January 2006: Happy New Year!

We're bringing the New Year in with a bang with the publication of the BMS guide, allowing anyone with even the most rudimentary programming skills to write their own scripts for MexCom.

  • December 2005: 1035 formats!

Great news! We have broken through the 1000 mark! Yep, more than 1000 game archive format specifications are listed here, covering a whopping 851 games.

  • November 2005: 834 formats!

This month we have broken through the 800 games mark! Huge thanks to all those people that have contributed.

In other news, we have a new sysop. A big welcome to Dinoguy1000.

  • October 2005: 783 formats!

Regular updates have us scratching the 800 formats ceiling! Keep up the good work, team!

  • July 11th 2005: Nearing 700 formats!

With weekly and sometimes daily updates we are reaching the 700 formats boundary!

  • May 29th 2005: Official release!

Today we have released this site to the public!