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Before we go on, let's get one thing straight:

BMS = Binary MultiEx Script = Binary MexScipt =/= MexScript
Is that clear?
So, BMS files are the binary representation of MexScript, which is text. BMS is parsed and compiled MexScript. Good. Now we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the topic at hand.

Even though BMS=/=MexScript, we are going to interchange them anyway, because that's what people have done in the past, and let's just illogically keep it that way. Thus, if I talk about BMS, then I mean MexScript.

MexCom talks to Xentax WIKI

As of MultiEx Commander v4.3 (MexCom), MexCom can download an XML file from the WIKI BMS database. The WIKI BMS database? Yes, the WIKI BMS database. This XML file will be parsed and effectively contain BMS that users have posted at the WIKI. MexCom can then be told to process game resource archives with those scripts, instead of the local MRF that comes with the program. Note that to date there are more games supported when MexCom is told to use the local MRF, but with time, the WIKI (or GFFC) database will grow.


The user can vote for scripts downloaded from the WIKI. In the Supported files dialog, there will be a Vote option for each script. Users may vote 1 time only, and it needs to be an Aye or a Naye. Say you downloaded a script that should open Prey .DAT files, and you tried it but it failed. Then you tried it on more Prey files and it still failed. You would then vote Naye. If a script get's 5 Aye votes it will become an Official script. If it falls below 5 it's no longer official. All new scripts start at 0.

TAG me Baby!

As a user of MexCom and this WIKI, you can add BMS to the seperate database, than can be called upon by MexCom. To do this, you need to TAG the BMS (script) section.

The opening and closing tags are
<bms> and </bms>

In between would be the script. However, this is not enough, because you have got to specify:

1. The file extension of the game resource archive to open. TAG : ext
2. The list of games that use this type of game resource archive. TAG: games
3. The list of platforms that the games are on. TAG: platforms
4. The author of the script. TAG: author
5. The version of the script. TAG: version

Then there are some usefull tags for Wiki layout:
6. The verbose tag. Specify "yes" if you wish the log to show.
7. The silence tag. Specify "yes" to shut up all output.

You could first use verbose "yes" and silence "no" to check if everything works ok. If you then want to just show the script, you can set verbose to "no". If you wish nothing to show (because of multiple games using different extensions but the same script, you can just ad one BMS tag for one game, verbose that, and silence all the others.
Let's explain by giving an example:

Example WIKI BMS tag

<bms ext="grp" games="'Duke Nukem 3d', 'Shadow Warrior'" author="Mr.Mouse" 
 platforms="'PC', 'Xbox'" version="1.0">
ImpType SFileSize ;
IDString 0 KenSilverman ;
Get FC Long 0 ;
Set MFC Long FC ;
Math MFC *= 16 ;
Math MFC += 16 ;
SavePos FS 0 ;
For TE = 1 To FC ;
GoTo FS 0 ;
GetDString FN 12 0 ;
SavePos FSO 0 ;
Get FSI Long 0 ;
SavePos FS 0 ;
Math MFC += FSI ;
Next TE ;

Notice how the values are in between double-quotes.
Next, notice how the list of games is formatted. Each game is listed in between single-quotes (') and seperated by a comma (,).
The same goes for the list of platforms. The list of platforms is linked in the same order as the list of games. So in the above example, the Duke Nukem 3d GRP files are from the PC version, while the Shadow Warrior GRP files come from the XBox.
There is NO other way to do this, so follow the rules.

User rights

Every logged-in visitor of the site can post a tagged BMS like that, however, only sysops or higher can actually post it to the database. A sysop will be notified of the new script and check it for correct syntax. If all is ok, then he'll resave the page and the script will be stored in the database.

Return values

There should be no special return values, the script will be visible with an automatic formating of the values. It may be that there's a log of current database events, or errors.


These are the valid platform descriptions:


Important rules

  • Currently, the platform identifiers are case-sensitive. Type as shown above, or an error will be shown.
  • When PREVIEWing a page, and you are a sysop, note that an attempt will already be made to enter the information in the database. Be sure about the tag before you press that button. Each time you save the process starts again.
  • Note that the single-quotes in the games and platforms values prevend the use of single quotes in the name of the game!
  • Also, comment lines in MexScript should not contain single-quotes as well for the above reason.
# Let's all dance and be merry
# Lets all dance and be merry

Current MexScripts in GFFC Database

Although MultiEx Commander at the moment has hundreds of MexScripts at her disposal locally, the GFFC online database is slowly growing (the "WIKI" option in MultiEx Commander). View the current list here .