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Before we go on, let's get one thing straight:

BMS = Binary MultiEx Script = Binary MexScipt =/= MexScript Is that clear? So, BMS files are the binary representation of MexScript, which is text. BMS is parsed and compiled MexScript. Good. Now we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the topic at hand.

Even though BMS=/=MexScript, we are going to interchange them anyway, because that's what people have done in the past, and let's just illogically keep it that way. Thus, if I talk about BMS, then I mean MexScript.

MexCom talks to Xentax WIKI

As of MultiEx Commander v4.3 (MexCom), MexCom can download an XML file from the WIKI BMS database. The WIKI BMS database? Yes, the WIKI BMS database. This XML file will be parsed and effectively contain BMS that users have posted at the WIKI. MexCom can then be told to process game resource archives with those scripts, instead of the local MRF.


The user can vote for scripts downloaded from the WIKI. In the Supported files dialog, there will be a Vote option for each script. Users may vote 1 time only, and it needs to be an Aye or a Naye. Say you downloaded a script that should open Prey .DAT files, and you tried it but it failed. Then you tried it on more Prey files and it still failed. You would then vote Naye. If a script get's 5 Aye votes it will become an Official script. If it falls below 5 it's no longer official. All new scripts start at 0.

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( to be continued )