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BMS stands for Binary MultiEx Scripts. It is the format used by MultiEx Commander to take apart an impressive array of GRAFs. The file format consists of a text file which a series of instructions to be run through an interpreter. The interpreter uses the instructions to traverse through a GRAF file and search for key data such as names, offsets, and sizes of various constituent files.


Each line of a BMS script contains a single statement. The statement can be broken down into a series of tokens.

Questions: Are all statements constrained to one line? or can they span multiple lines? If the former, then the semi-colon at the end of each line seems superfluous. Or can there be comments after the semi-colon?


The first token on a statement line indicates what operation that line is to perform. These are the known statement types:

  • Do
  • FindLoc
  • For
  • Get
  • GetDString
  • GoTo
  • IDString
  • ImpType
  • Log
  • Math
  • Next
  • SavePos
  • Set
  • While


Does BMS make provision for comments?

Case Sensitivity

Is BMS case sensitive? Does it have to be written as IDString, or will idstring or iDstrINg both work?


Control Structures