Indiana Jones PS2 PK2

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Format Specifications


// for each file

byte {X}     - File Data
byte {0-2047}      - null Padding to a multiple of 2048 bytes


// for each file

char {X}     - Filename (String)
byte {1}     - Filename Terminator (byte 32)
char {X}     - File Length (String)
byte {1}     - File Length Terminator (byte 32)
char {X}     - File Offset (String)
uint16 {2}   - New Line Characters (13,10)

Notes and Comments

  • The *.pk2 file contains the file data, the *.hsh file contains the directory
  • The *.hsh file is all strings, not fields!
  • You need to read this file by reading a full line, then find the 2 separators from the back of the line. This is because the filename can have spaces in it.