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Adding a format to the Xentax WIKI is a very easy process. The aim of this tutorial is to walk you through it, step-by-step. You may use the Table of Contents (above) to skip directly to a section, or just read the whole thing through.

The first thing you will need to do is edit the GRAFs page and add the title of the game to the list. The current list is sorted alphabetically, so please follow that convention!

Naming Conventions

After adding the name of the game, you'll have to create a link. When choosing the name of the new page, it's generally a good practice to use the name of the game, with the same capitalization used on the game box. If the game is not for the PC, you will next want to include what system it's for. lastly, include (in all caps) the extension for the format. In the label for the link, include, in lower case letters, each extension that uses that format. Examples:

  • [[Sample Game ARCHIVE001|*.archive001]]
  • [[Sample Game PS2 ARCHIVE001|*.archive001]]
  • [[Sample Game XBOX ARCHIVE001|*.archive001 *.xyz *.zzz]]

Should you be adding multiple formats for the same game on the same system, please start a seperate page for each format.

Editing the page

When you've submitted the edited page, it will create a red link that you can click on to edit the new page. Click on it, and copy the following text onto it:

file_extension=FILE EXTENSION|
endian_order=Little Endian|
format_specifications=None written yet.|
bms_script=Not written yet|

For now, instructions on how to fill out this template may be found here.

The Last Step

Once you've finished your new page, edit the Latest Grafs section on the front page. When doing so, add the link to your new page(s) to the top of the list, and remove entries from the bottom of the list until it has exactly ten entries again.


Common Formats

If the format you are adding is common, such as a zip archive, please add a link to the existing page and add the game to the "Other Games" section at the bottom of that format's page. See the List Of Common Formats.