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About Game Extractor

Game Extractor is an advanced archive tool developed primarily to open and manipulate game archives. Game archives are typically proprietary formats developed by the gaming companies, and they often change between different games. Game Extractor, with the assistance of plugins, has the ability to read and manipulate many of these game archives that were previously unreadable.

Game Extractor was built to allow users to work with archives in the simplest manner possible, while still including many advanced features that are not found in other archive readers. One great advantage of the program is that it will work on all computers regardless of the operating system. This means that Windows, Linux, and Mac O/S users will all be able to use the program and share files between the systems with full support.

Another important feature is the use of plugins. Until now, you needed to download a whole new program when a new archive type was developed. With Game Extractor, all you need to do is download a small plugin which works together with the program to allow access to these new archives. The plugin system has been developed to be specifically simple, allowing almost anyone to develop a new plugin without great programming knowledge.

Game Extractor works just like any standard archive viewer. You have the ability to open archives of various types, add and remove files, and save your archives for use. You can also extract the files from the archives to your computer for editing and viewing, or you can use the in built previewer for quick access. Previews can be saved in a variety of formats - the conversion done by Game Extractor.

In addition to the basic functions, Game Extractor provides many convenient functions such as renaming and replacing files, searching for files, and customisation of the interface. Buttons can be added and removed from the toolbar, and both error and message alerts can be suppressed so they never bother you again. Game Extractor also has an in built version checking facility to keep you up-to-date with the latest enhancements, and an autorun program to make it easy for Windows users to run Game Extractor.

I hope you enjoy the use of Game Extractor and find it helpful to your needs. I welcome any advice, suggestions, and comments - please use the contact link at the left of the page. Thank you.


Here is a list of some of the features in Game Extractor

  • Over 300 plugins for reading and writing different archive types (supports over 600 games)
  • Special format scanner for finding files in unknown and unsupported archives
  • Extract, replace, and rename files in existing archives
  • Add and remove files, or create new archives
  • View archives as a table, tree, or icon list
  • Support for many different languages
  • Previews of common formats including images, audio, and video files
  • Preview exporting and conversion between formats
  • Togglable dialogs, so you can disable the annoying ones.
  • Completely custom interface, including a color changer to give it your own personal touch
  • Advanced hex viewer for displaying information about unknown files
  • Autorun programs for quick and easy use on Windows computers
  • Integration with the Internet for the download of new plugins and updates


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Further Information and Downloads