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  • Format Type : Compressed archive / Compressed image
  • Endian Order : Little Endian

Format Specifications

// GTO/GT20 file format

4 bytes (char) - signature // "GT20"
4 bytes (uint32) - uncompressed file size
4 bytes (uint32) - GT overlap // 3
4 bytes (uint32) - length of additional information  // usually 0
x bytes - additional information (optional)

// data
x bytes - compressed data

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet.

QuickBMS Script

Notes and Comments

  • GTO files from "Chill" are TIM images compressed with GT compression algorithm.


List of games using this file format:

  • Chill (PS1) (*.GTO)
  • Ducati World: Racing Challenge
  • Martian Gothic: Unification (PS1) (*.GT20)

Compatible Programs