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Subject: Unknown IP removing info (July 19 2006)

We had some unknown IP removing all of the info here and stating "COPYRIGHTED WORK (c) thriXXX"

Now, if thriXXX wishes to discuss this issue with us, please drop us an official mail at Note however, that explaining the way an archive works does not condone retrieval of copyrighted material saved therein. The structure of an archive is one thing, the contents is quite another. We strongly condemn illegal use of copyrighted material.

--Mr.Mouse 15:58, 19 July 2006 (EDT)

Fully agreed

Captain 07:54, 20 July 2006 (EDT)

Here, here!


Subject: Unknown IP removing info again (August 1 2006)

People, once again some unknown IP deleted the page and wrote: "Fileformat is (C)thriXXX. thriXXX game licenses strictly forbid reverse engineering."

If this is indeed someone from thriXXX they have not contacted us in any way. Until they do and discuss with us nicely what it is they consider a problem and what they propose, this page will be protected. If they don't identify themselves, they are not taken seriously. Agreed?

--Mr.Mouse 09:19, 1 August 2006 (EDT)


Captain 13:13, 1 August 2006 (EDT)

Seconded. I googled 'thriXXX' and came up with lots of links to adult crap... not exactly a copyright-conscious industry, if you ask me...

--Dinoguy1000 17:31, 2 August 2006 (EDT)

Need help?

Hi, all.

It seems, I have written the decoder for archives of such type of files. The decoder supports BXP files, used in HentaiII3D and VirtuallyJenna. For the present I do not have packing operation and work above principles of formation of hash-sequences and checksums.

The information, presented on your site, is not full as it seems to me. During work I have collided with some cunnings (or even the intentionally made mistakes), which are hidden in BXP-files. My help is necessary to you? If yes, how to me to operate further?

How much I understand, the purpose of your work consists in training your program (CAFAD) to work with BXP-files. Unfortunately, I am not assured, that I can describe a structure of gzip-archives or a jp2-format by means of pseudo-language of scripts.

Yours faithfully, hasher[frog.

P.S. Excuse my bad English.

Reply from Mr.Mouse

If you have any new information to whatever format is present at the WIKI, you can just edit the format page and change it to what you know to be more accurate. That's the idea of the wiki! I have unprotected the page for you. CAFAD is not a program, but a joke. ;) Compulse Archive Format Analysis Disorder is like a disease that I carry. The purpose of the WIKI is to bring together what people know about game resource archive formats and other game related files. It is a community driven site, not just from us. So feel free to add any information to the WIKI! Also, if you have software/programs that can help out, you can add them to Game Tools. To edit, just click the EDIT buttons on the top of each page.

--Mr.Mouse 06:49, 4 August 2006 (EDT)

As to the scripting engine in MexCom (the actual program) being insufficient, if it can't handle it, and you have the programming know-how, you can write a plug-in for the format. There's a plugin tutorial floating around here somewhere...

--Dinoguy1000 21:58, 8 August 2006 (EDT)

I continue working

Excuse me for delay. I have understood with MD5. Now I work on CRC's. It seems to be some sort of TEA...

Whether I can upload the simple module for extraction of contents of BXP files? Without a writing of plug-ins? The word "plug-ins" frightens me... :[

With best regards, hasher[frog.

Information off display pending decision on legal threat by thriXXX (Aug 9 2006) have send our foundation a legal threat letter, pointing out to to us that the information on BXP archives is illegal, and that we should not be hosting it. Furthermore, we should ban all those who have worked on it.

We will discuss the letter with our own legal advisors and then take the necessary action. I'm sure they understand that a formal response takes time. However, until we reach a decision, the information is not shown on these pages nor is work on it accepted.


At last

Yes, I think, it is the correct decision. I shall try to clear something.

For me, disclosing of a format of files is some kind of sports. But I am not the pirate in full sense of this word. Updating of programs with the purpose of their illegal use/modification is not my purpose. But results of my work on disclosing a format cannot be used without such updating (see Problem #2).

At the moment, I have completely deciphered a structure of BXP-files (but not [bsb]/[bhb]-files). I can not only unpack them, but also completely simulate their structure with all CRC/MD5 hashes. But there are problems. Formation CRC (yes, I have understood with it) occurs on the algorithm a little bit differing from standard TEA.

[Problem #1] Without use of this modified TEA-algorithm the file can be unpacked, but it is impossible to pack. The algorithm should be considered as private intellectual property of ThriXXX, because the algorithm is not described anywhere (formally). The unique way to learn its principles is to hack into the program's code. That is, its use is some kind of a piracy. That is, we have a problem with laws.

[Problem #2] To check up working capacity of files, it is necessary to use the programs published by the company ThriXXX. But one of their ways of the control of file's integrity means inclusion of a file-descriptor of structure of whole archive ( or Archive.[bsb]). In last programs, the given file to be stored as a resource in DLL. Illegal updating this DLL also will be some kind of a crime.

But I am not the pirate, I try to observe laws, and I do not wish to get in prison :]

I have received some of experience when working with BXP-files. I have found one small noncritical mistake in two of them (noncritical for use of that method which ThriXXX's programmers unpacks archive). But the further works will have to stop, because of the problems described above (at least). We cannot use results of work without breaking the law.

Thanks for attention; With best regards, hasher[frog


About the problem #2... I have learned something...

I have told: >> In last programs, the given file to be stored as a resource in DLL.

Should be: >> In cracked programs, the file-descriptor is stored as a resource in DLL.

Zar-r-raza :[

My advice: even do not touch these files.



Just wondering, Mr.Mouse, any progress on the legal aspects of this?

ディノ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 13:57, 7 December 2006 (EST)