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(Format Specifications)
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=== Format Specifications ===  
=== Format Specifications ===  
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;;; Structure of GameCube HGO files for TWOC.
;;; Structure of GameCube HGO files for TWOC.

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  • Format Type : 3D Model
  • Endian Order : Big Endian
  • Signature :  ?

Format Specifications

;;; Structure of GameCube HGO files for TWOC.
; All number fields are big endian, with the exception of in .hgo.blk files.
; The game exectuable comes with function name symbols, which were an aid in deciphering the structures.
struct matrix ; This is a 4x4 matrix, of size 0x40.
	float m11, m12, m13, m14
	float m21, m22, m23, m24
	float m31, m32, m33, m34
	float m41, m42, m43, m44

struct vector3d
	float x, y, z

struct vector2d
	float x, y

struct chunk
	i32 type
	i32 size ; Size in bytes. Self-inclusive; TSH0 with only 1 contained i32 is size 0xC.
	; The type field contains 4 ASCII characters as a name for the structure contained.
	; These are all possible values for the type field, adjusted for clarity:
	;   HGOF - Root
	;   NTBL - NameTable
	;   TST0 - TextureSet
	;   TSH0 - TextureSet Counter
	;   TXM0 - TextureSet Material
	;   MS00 - MaterialSet
	;   TAS0 - TexAnimSet
	;   HGO0 - HGobjSet
	; The field is stored with chars in reverse order,
	; for example HGOF would appear as FOGH in a hex editor.
	; When read with big endianness,
	; chunk.type == 0x464F4748 should be true for the HGOF chunk.
	;;; For convenience, let this struct have an attribute END that points to the end of its data.

struct blk ; This is an array of chunk headers from the HGO it's named after, like a summary.
	; The fields in this struct are THE OPPOSITE ENDIANNESS, they are little endian.
	for struct until EOF
		i32LE type ; An example of the endianness' char order is HGOF appearing as HGOF, rather than FOGH.
		i32LE offset ; This is a file offset to the chunk's size field, such that HGOF's is 4. Stops matching after a bitmap chunk.
	; The offsets after the bitmap chunks appear broken, this file may not be fully used, if at all.

struct hgo_geom ; Defines a 3D model. Used many times inside the HGO struct.
	i32 models_n
	for struct in [models_n] ; Only occurs as 1.
		i32 type
		if type == 0
			i32 unknown0
			i32 unknown1
			i32 unknown2
			i32 meshes_n ; The model is split into meshes according to its materials.
			for struct in [meshes_n]
				i32 material_id
				i32 vertices_n
				for struct in [vertices_n]
					vector3d position
					vector3d normals
					i32 colour ; ARGB format.
					vector2d uv
				i32 geom_cntrl ; Only 0.
				i32 primitives_n
				for struct in [primitives_n]
					i32 primtype
					i32 indices_n
					i16 indices [indices_n]
					;;; Explanation:
					; If primtype == 5, then every grouping of 3 indices is 1 polygon.
					; If primtype == 6, then the indices describe triangle strips. Uncertain parsing method.
				i32 geomskin_present ; Yes, this is a 32-bit boolean.
				if geomskin_present != 0 ; This is known in Blender lingo as bone weights.
					i8 type
					if type == 0 ; This type is unused.
						i32 unknown
						i32 unknown_len
						i32 unknown_n
						i32 unknown_a [unknown_n]
						i32 unknown_b [unknown_len] [unknown_n]
						for struct in [vertices_n]
							f32 influence0
							f32 influence1
							f32 influence2
							i8 bone_id0
							i8 bone_id1
							i8 bone_id2
							i8 unused
					;;; Explanation:
					; This stuff describes bone weights, how far a bone has to travel to move a vertex.
					; For type != 0, take each bone_id and connect the bone to the vertex with the corresponding influence.
					; Ignore bone_id values that are 0.
					; The limitation of this structure is that only 3 bones can have influence over a given vertex.
					; I have not tested the type == 0 path, as it's unused, but it seems likely to me that it's an
					; extended version of the same, to have the option of having more than 3 bone influences on a vertex.
				i32 blendshapes_n
				if blendshapes_n != 0 ; Known in Blender lingo as shape keys.
					i32 blendshapes_ids [blendshapes_n]
					i32 blendshape_len
					i8 blendshape [blendshape_len]
					i8 blendshape_presence [blendshapes_n]
					;;; Explanation:
					; The numbers in blendshapes_ids are unique identification numbers (not indices) for the blendshapes involved,
					; and it dictates the order in which these blendshapes will be defined here.
					; The blendshape buffer stores vectors for all the mesh's vertices, for each new blendshape defined.
					; blendshape_presence determines which blendshapes are included in the buffer, and which are omitted.
					; This saves a lot of space for meshes that are not involved in the new shape.
					; For that reason, blendshape_len == sizeof(vector)*vertices_n*sum(blendshape_presence).
					; Alternatively, blendshape can be defined as: vector blendshape [vertices_n] [sum(blendshape_presence)]
		elseif type == 1 ; Unused.
			i32 unknown_n
			for struct in [unknown_n]
				i32 unknown0
				i32 unknown1_n
				i32 unknown2
				f32 unknown3
				i8 unknown1 [0x18] [unknown1_n]

struct hgo
	chunk rootchunk
	; This is the HGOF chunk, it envelops the entire file.
	; Its size is padded to the 4 byte boundary,
	; despite the file not being padded, and likely being shorter.
	; Contained is an array of chunks:
	for chunk hgochunk until EOF
		elseif hgochunk.type == NTBL
			i32 table_len ; Size in bytes of the buffer just ahead.
			i8 table [table_len] ; A buffer of concatenated, null-terminated strings, such as bone names.
			; Everything that uses the name table stores offset value relative to the start of the name table,
			; but 1 too far; subtract 1 and it will match.
		elseif hgochunk.type == TST0 ; Chunk array.
			for chunk taschunk until hgochunk.END
				if hgochunk.type == TSH0
					i32 images_n ; The amount of bitmaps packed.
				elseif hgochunk.type == TXM0 ; Bitmaps.
					i32 bitmap_type ; 0x80 for DXT1, 0x81 for RGB5A3, 0x82 for an unknown tiled format.
					i32 bitmap_width  ; In pixels.
					i32 bitmap_height ; In pixels.
					i32 bitmap_len ; Size in bytes of the buffer just ahead.
					i8 bitmap [bitmap_len]
					; All formats follow a pattern of 4 tiles in a Z-shape.
				; The TSH0 chunk is unnecessary, but may have been more convenient with the in-house chunk utilities.
		elseif hgochunk.type == MS00 ; Material definitions, indexes into bitmaps.
			i32 materials_n
			for struct in [materials_n] ; Struct size 0x54.
				i32 unknown0
				i32 unknown1
				i32 unknown2
				i32 unknown3
				i32 unknown4
				f32 diffuse_r
				f32 diffuse_g
				f32 diffuse_b
				f32 unknown8
				f32 unknown9
				i32 unknown10
				i32 unknown11
				f32 unknown12
				f32 unknown13
				i32 bitmap_id ; Negative if no bitmap, and uses diffuse colours. Otherwise an index into the bitmaps.
				f32 unknown15
				f32 unknown16
				f32 unknown17
				f32 unknown18
				f32 unknown19
				f32 unknown20
		elseif hgochunk.type == TAS0 ; Completely unknown.
			i32 anims_n
			i32 unknown
			for struct in [anims_n] ; Size 0x20.
				i32 unknown0
				i32 unknown1
				i32 unknown2
				i32 unknown3
				i32 unknown4
				i32 unknown5
				i32 unknown6
				i32 unknown7
			i32 shorts_n
			i16 shorts [anim_shorts_n]
		elseif hgochunk.type == HGO0 ; Contains all the 3D stuff.
			i32 bones_n
			for struct in [bones_n]
				i8 unknown
				matrix rotation
				matrix position
				matrix scale ; Conjecture.
				i32 unknown0
				f32 unknown1
				f32 unknown2
				i8 parent
				i32 name_offset ; Bone name in the name table.
			i8 unknown0_len
			i8 unknown0 [unknown0_len]
			i8 unknown1_len
			i8 unknown1 [unknown1_len]
			i8 layers_n
			for struct in [layers_n]
				name_offset ; Layer name in the name table.
				i8 primary_bone_meshes_present
				if primary_bone_meshes_present != 0
					for - in range(bones_n)
						i8 primary_bone_mesh_present
						if primary_bone_mesh_present != 0
				i8 primary_mesh_present
				if primary_mesh_present != 0
				i8 secondary_bone_meshes_present
				if secondary_bone_meshes_present != 0
					for - in range(bones_n)
						i8 secondary_bone_mesh_present
						if secondary_bone_mesh_present != 0
				i8 secondary_mesh_present
				if secondary_mesh_present != 0
			i8 points_n
			for struct in [points_n]
				i8 bone_id
				matrix position
				i32 name_offset ; Point name in the name table.
			i8 unknown3_n
			for struct in [unknown3_n]
				i8 unknown0_n
				i8 unknown0 [0x30] [unknown0_n]
				i8 unknown1_n
				i8 unknown1 [0x30] [unknown1_n]
				i8 unknown2_n
				for struct in [unknown2_n]
					i32 unknown0_n
					i8 unknown0 [0x10] [unknown0_n]
					i32 unknown1_n
					i8 unknown1 [0x10] [unknown1_n]
				i8 unknown3
			f32 unknown_f0
			f32 unknown_f1
			f32 unknown_f2
			f32 unknown_f3
			f32 unknown_f4
			f32 unknown_f5
			f32 unknown_f6
			f32 unknown_f7
			f32 unknown_f8
			f32 unknown_f9
			f32 unknown_f10

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet.

Notes and Comments



List of games using this file format:

  • Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (*.HGO)

Compatible Programs

  • Blender