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AV files (there is actually just one big file) are found on the Limited Edition version of Burn: Cycle (Windows 3.1/95 and Mac). It is unknown if the earlier, non-limited edition versions of the game, for any of its various platforms, used the same resource format.

Format Specifications

An AV resource file is comprised of a series of chunks with the following structure:

 bytes 0-3    chunk tag
 bytes 4-7    chunk length, not including 8-byte preamble
 bytes 8..    chunk payload

The first chunk in the resource is a 'MAP ' chunk (the fourth character is a space, ASCII 0x20). The map chunk is a list of absolute 32-bit file offsets to the files within the resource. Thus, the total number of files in the resource will be the length of the 'MAP ' chunk in bytes divided by 4.

Each resource appears to be comprised of 2 chunks. The first chunk acts as a file header while the second acts as the file payload. The header chunk types are always either MINF and VINF types, and always have 16-byte payloads. The payload types include OBJT, PLTF, PLTB, RL7K, A228, and ambi.

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Compatible Programs

None yet