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[[Category:PC formats]]
[[Category:PC formats]]
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[[http://7spies.com/-Why-isnt-the-FTC-prosecuting-Healthcaregov-for-false-adver-Eh0O.html  Why isnt the FTC prosecuting Healthcare.gov for false advertising and consumer fraud? ]]
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[[http://7spies.com/Telecom-Executive-NSA-Surveillance-Preceded-Sept-11-Attacks-1Ikj.html Telecom Executive: NSA Surveillance Preceded Sept. 11 Attacks]]
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[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]

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BIN + 000 (7LU Version)

Format Specifications

uint32 {4}   - Header ("7LÜ" 0x01)
uint16 {2}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Version (2)
byte {76}    - Description (null)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (258)
uint16 {2}   - null
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
byte {188}   - null
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (1)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (236)
uint32 {4}   - null
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (150)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (42)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (268)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown (274)
byte {32}    - null
uint16 {2}   - Unknown (1)
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint16 {2}   - null
uint32 {4}   - null
uint32 {4}   - Directory Offset
uint32 {4}   - Directory Length
byte {16}    - null
uint32 {4}   - Counter Offset
uint32 {4}   - Counter Length
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory Offset
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory Length
uint32 {4}   - File Data Offset (ie. offset to the start of the first file)
uint32 {4}   - File Data Length
uint32 {4}   - Image Offset
uint32 {4}   - Image Length
byte {24}    - null
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory 2 Offset
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory 2 Length
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory 3 Offset
uint32 {4}   - Filename Directory 3 Length
uint32 {4}   - File ID Directory Offset
uint32 {4}   - File ID Directory Length
uint64 {8}   - null
uint32 {4}   - Source Filename Offset
uint32 {4}   - Source Filename Length

// Directory

// for each file
uint16 {2}   - File Type ID? (1-21)
uint32 {4}   - Offset
uint32 {4}   - Length

// go to each of the filename directories

// for (each file?)
char {X}     - Filename
byte {1}     - null Filename Terminator

// go to padding directory offset

// for (each file?)
uint32 {4}   - File ID?

// go to source filename offset

char {X}     - Source Filename (including path and drive letter)
byte {1}     - null Filename Terminator
char {X}     - null padding (up to "Source Filename Length")

Notes and Comments

The *.bin file contains the directory, the *.000 file contains the file data.

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

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