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Woow! You're really on a quest! :D Good stuff! I will include all scripts in the next release! Also, the next release will have a slightly altered Scriptor (no need for the ';' terminators any longer) and the Open command will allow you to specify FDSE and FDDE instead of an actual directory or the FileDir specifier. That means : FDSE (FileDirSameExtension) and FDDE (FileDirDifferentExtension). So you can do :

Open FDDE lst 1
This will open a file in the same directory as the currently processed game archive with the same name, but the extension .lst . So, is there's for instance a sound.dat file and a sound.lst file (the latter having the info of offsets and sizes and names of the sound files in sound.dat, you can process both at the same time.


That sounds much better and I guess this will actually work too (can't get the current Open command to work.. when loading an archive (with such a script) the mexcom engine just works and works, but nothing happens :/ ). Oh well, I've got some other ideas about the bms-scripting, I'll send an email about that. ;)