Star Trek 25th ANM

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These files contain a sequence of bitmap file names to be played as an animation.

Format Specifications

// *.anm file

// for each frame
byte {8}     - Filename Prefix
byte {8}     - Unknown
uint16 {2}   - Delay
byte {1}     - Next frame
byte {3}     - Unknown

Notes and Comments

  • The Filename Prefix will be terminated by 0x00 or 0x20 if shorter than 8 bytes. To play the current frame, look for a file with this prefix and the BMP suffix. If such a file does not exist, look for a file with the suffix XOR instead.
  • The Delay is expressed in a unit of about 1/20 of a second. (Maybe this value has been actually adjusted for the machine clock which produces about 18 ticks per second, so the exact unit would be 1/18 of a second.) A value of 99 signals the end of the animation.
  • The Next Frame value will sometimes point "out of range" to a non-existant frame. The reason for this is currently unknown.
  • One externally loaded palette file is used for the whole animation.