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Format Specifications

// SFFS container file format (.dat files)

// little endian

4 bytes (char) - magic // "SFFS"
4 bytes (uint32) - version // "1"
8 bytes - number of files (encrypted with application key)

num_of_files *
   16 bytes - md5 hash of filename
   8 bytes - index of file header (encrypted with filename)

num_of_file_headers *
   8 bytes - file data offset (encrypted with filename)
   48 bytes - file info (timestamps, size, data position, encrypted)

num_of_files *
  x bytes - file data

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet.

Notes and Comments

  • This file format occurs in games protected by StarForce 3 protection.
  • SFFS stands for "Star Force File System".
  • Starfource containters usually have name resource0.dat.
  • There are multiple enryption methods applied to SFFS containers. All of them have been roughly explained in documentation
released by warez group RELOADED in 2006. Application key and filenames are needed to extract content of SFFS container.

Compatible Programs


List of games using this file format:

Full list is available here.