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Format Specifications

None written yet.

Notes and Comments

All resources in the DAT archive are referred by a file called sector.h.

MultiEx BMS Script

<bms ext="DAT" version="1.0" author="Mr.Mouse" platforms="'PS2'" games="'Nippon Ichi'" silence="no" verbose="no"># MexScript for Nippon Ichi DAT files (PS2)

  1. By Mr.Mouse
  2. Note that this needs the right SECTOR.H file in the same
  3. folder as the DAT file!
  4. --------
  5. Open the file sector.h in the same folder as the archive (FileDir) as file 1

Open FileDir sector.h 1 ;

  1. Calculate the size of the sector.h file

SavePos ST 1 ; GoTo EOF 1 ; SavePos ED 1 ;

  1. The last entry is extra, we dont need it, so set the max size

Math ED -= 40 ;

  1. Go to start in sector.h

GoTo ST 1 ;

  1. Start the loop

Do ;

  1. Save the current offset and then get a null-terminated string

SavePos PE 1 ; Get FileName String 1 ;

  1. There are 32 bytes reserved for a filename, so jump to the position after that

Math PE += 32 ; GoTo PE 1 ;

  1. Get the block offset (blocks are 2048 in size) and size

Get BlockOff Long 1 ; Get Size Long 1 ;

  1. Calculate the actual offset in the DAT file

Math BlockOff *= 2048 ; Log FileName BlockOff Size 0 0 ;

  1. What position are we now at in the sector.h?

SavePos PE 1 ;

  1. Is this still less than the end (ED) of our sector.h? If no, quit.

While PE < ED ; </bms>

Supported by Programs

MultiEx Commander



Nippon Ichi


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