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Format Type: Archive
Extensions: ssf
Platforms: unknown
Endian Order: Little Endian

Format Specifications

// This is a nested directory structure that starts right at the beginning of the file
// Note that some directories/subdirectories don't have filenames (eg the Root usually don't have filenames)

4 - Header ( CES)
4 - Unknown (4)
4 - Unknown (0/2)
4 - Unknown (first instance of this field is the total number of files in the archive?)
4 - Number Of Files in this Directory
4 - Filename Directory Length
4 - Length of all Data in this Directory (including sub-directories) (first instance of the field is the Archive Length)

// for each File
  4 - File Type ID (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
  4 - Offset (relative to the start of the current directory, ie relative to the offset of " CES")
  4 - Length
  4 - Filename Offset (relative to the start of the filename directory) (if this number is larger than the filename directory length, then this entry has an empty filename (but still has the null Filename Terminator in the filename directory)) 
// for each file
  X - Filename
  1 - null Filename Terminator
if (root){
  X - Padding to multiple of 2048 bytes
// for each file
  X - File Data

// What happens now depends on the file type ID
// All files with the same type ID number are files with the same extension
// A Sub-Directory has ID=6 (or ID=1 or ID=3 IN THE ROOT DIRECTORY ONLY). If encountered, go to the offset and repeat this format
// from the beginning (ie, go to the offset and the first 4 bytes will be " CES", etc.)

MultiEx BMS Script

No BMS script

Supported Programs


No additional notes


  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon [XBox]


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