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ReWiki website is no longer available on the internet.
Here is the link to the backup version on the web archive

And here is the list of formats covered on the REWiki in the last web archive snapshot:

    .ADT (Resident Evil 2)
    .ALF (Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva)
    .AMP (Dark Legions)
    .APT (Dungeon Keeper)
    .ARD (Resident Evil 3)
    .BLV (Might and Magic 6)
    .BSP (Quake)
    .BSS (Resident Evil)
    .CC (Might and Magic 3-5)
    .CLM (Dungeon Keeper)
    .CMP (Wipeout)
    .COL (Dark Legions)
    .DAT (Dark Legions)
    .DAT (Desert Strike, Jungle Strike)
    .DAT (Dungeon Keeper)
    .DAT (Resident Evil 3)
    .DAT (System Shock)
    .DAT (Telekommando2)
    .DAT (Marble Drop, 3D Pinball)
    .DAX (Curse of the Azure Bonds)
    .DIR (Commandos)
    .DLT (Stargunner)
    .DOC (Dungeon Keeper)
    .EFF (Dungeon Keeper)
    .EMD (Resident Evil 2)
    .FLG (Dungeon Keeper)
    .GLB (DemonStar, Raptor)
    .HMP (Various DOS games)
    .IDX (Discworld 1, Discworld 2, Discworld Noir)
    .INF (Dungeon Keeper)
    .LBX (Master of Orion, Master of Magic, Master of Orion 2)
    .LGT (Dungeon Keeper)
    .LOD (Might and Magic 6)
    .MAP (Dark Legions)
    .MD2 (Quake II)
    .MD3 (Quake III Arena)
    .MDL (Half-Life)
    .MDL (Quake)
    .MUS (Discworld 2)
    .MUS (Discworld Noir)
    .MUS (The Dark Eye)
    OBJPROP.DAT (System Shock master object properties)
    .ORI (Dungeon Keeper)
    .OWN (Dungeon Keeper)
    .PAK (Resident Evil)
    .PLD (Resident Evil 2)
    .PLW (Resident Evil 2)
    .PRG (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
    .PRM (Wipeout)
    .RBH (Discworld Noir)
    .RDT (Resident Evil)
    .RDT (Resident Evil 2)
    .RES (Eye of the Beholder 3)
    .RES (System Shock, Ultima Underworld, Strike Force Centauri)
    .SCN (Discworld 1, Discworld 2, Discworld Noir)
    .SLB (Dungeon Keeper)
    .SMP (Discworld 1, Discworld 2, Discworld Noir)
    .SPR (Curse of Enchantia)
    TEXTPROP.DAT (System Shock master texture properties)
    .TGA (Might and Magic 6)
    .TIM (Various PC and Playstation games)
    .TMD (Various PC and Playstation games)
    .TMN (Dungeon Keeper)
    .TNG (Dungeon Keeper)
    .TRF (Wipeout)
    .TRS (Wipeout)
    .TRV (Wipeout)
    .TXT (Discworld 1, Discworld 2, Discworld Noir)
    .TXT (Dungeon Keeper)
    .VSN (Dungeon Keeper)
    .WAD (Commandos)
    .WIB (Dungeon Keeper) 

Below is also the list of some additional resources from this link

* Alien Legacy

* Battle Isle 2

* The City of the Lost Children
  .CPA : palette file
  .CRP : pictures
  .TXE : English Text File
  .TXF : French Text File
  .TXG : German Text File
  .TXI : Italian Text File
  .TXS : Spanish Text File

* Commandos
  .DIR (Commandos) - Main game data file
  .WAD - Sprite pack file 

* Curse of Enchantia
  .PAL - palette file used for one or more .DAT files
  .DAT - compressed bitmaps
  .SPR - sprite file
  .BRD - "Brad" file
  .SFX - soundblaster sound
  .RS# - RS1 through RS5 - roland sound 

* The Dark Eye
  .AIF - Standard AIFF audio.
  .DIA - Director 4.0 Audio. Standard AIFF audio format.
  .DIR - Unprotected Director 4.0 Movie files.
  .DKY - Saved-game files.
  .MOV - QuickTime Cinepack movie files of differing resolutions and FPSs, with CBR, 22.3 kHz, 8-bit, mono unsigned little-endian PCM audio.
  .MUS - Standard AIFF audio. 

* Dark Legions
  .AMP - Combat-level maps
  .COL - Palettes
  .FLC - FLIC animations
  .GIF - Many non-animated graphics are stored as 320x200 .GIF images.
  .MAP - Strategic-level maps (stored in MAPS subfolder)
  .RAW - Sound effects: Unsigned 8-bit PCM, Mono, Little Endian, 11025 Hz 
  .BDM - Companion index to .BDT files
  .BNK - Adlib Instrument Bank (Although there is some weirdness: they match, at least at a glance, the format spec, but the version number encoded in the files is 0.0 and programs that are supposed to work with .BNKs don't want to read them.)
  .BDT - Graphics data (UI related)
  .DAC - Graphics data
  .DAT - Graphics data
  .DMC - Companion index to .DAC files
  .DMP - Companion index to .DAT files
  .HMP - Music in HMP format 

* Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
  .ADV 	Miles Sound System: Digital (Sampled) Sound Driver
  .CHR 	Player-Character (same as .NPC)
  .DAT 	Various (2 different container formats, the city 2.5d level layout, etc)
  .DDT 	Unknown
  .DNG 	Dungeon 2.5d level layout
  .DTX 	Ingame (dungeon) text (same as .LXT)
  .GAM 	Savegame
  .NPC 	Non-Player-Character (same as .CHR)
  .NVF 	Unknown
  .LST 	Unknown
  .LTX 	Ingame text (same as .DTX)
  .TAB 	Unknown
  .TLK 	Ingame dialog
  .VOC 	Creative Labs Vocal file
  .XMI 	Miles Sound System: Extended MIDI file
  .AD 	Miles Sound System: Global Timbre Library 

* Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva
  .3DM 	Unknown (3d map?)
  .AAF 	Unknown
  .ACE 	Unknown (not .ACE archives)
  .AIF 	Unknown
  .ALF 	Archive File
  .ANN 	Unknown
  .APA 	Unknown
  .ASF 	Unknown
  .BOB 	Unknown
  .DAT 	Unknown (various?)
  .DSC 	Unknown
  .DUM 	Dummy file (created by patch programms)
  .GAM 	Savegame
  .HMI 	Unknown
  .HTT 	documentation file, similar to .HTML
  .LST 	Unknown
  .LXT 	Ingame text file (a 26 byte-header followed by strings, see above)
  .MOF 	Unknown
  .MOV 	Unknown
  .MSK 	Unknown
  .NEI 	Unknown
  .NPC 	Non-Player-Characters
  .NVF 	Unknown
  .OFF 	Unknown
  .PAL 	Unknown (palette?)
  .PCX 	ZSoft's PC Paintbrush file
  .PIX 	Unknown (texture?)
  .PPD 	Unknown
  .RAW 	PCM signed raw audio
  .SMK 	RAD Smacker video file
  .TAB 	Unknown
  .XDF 	Ingame Dialog, header, binary dialog structure?, strings (see above) 

* Dungeon Keeper

* Dungeon Hack

* Escape from Colditz

* ESPN Extreme Games
  .CLN contain the level himself (objects positions on the road + road curve ?) 
  .BIT contains all textures used in the level. they are encoded in 8 bit (256 colors) uncompressed format. 
  .FLT contains several palettes used for displaying 256 colors sprites of a level. every file is 16K. 
  .BIN contain sprites (statistics for points and collected cash) that are shown at the end of a level. 

* Eye of the Beholder 3

* Gitaroo Man
  .CHC (song chart)
  .SSQ (stage definition file)
  .WEB (control web file)
  .IMC (audio library)
  .IMX (texture/graphic)
  .XG (3D model)
  .XGM (texture/model resource archive)
  .PSS (Playstation Stream video) 

* Grandia II
  .FNT - two (presumably) font files which reside in the game's root-directory
  .AFS - generic container format for all kinds of data (textures, models, scripts,...)
  .PVR - textures in PowerVR's native format (PowerVR is the 3D accelerator used in the Dreamcast)
  .SEB - unknown
  .KSS - seems to be script related. My PC version has some KSS files in the map/ subdirectory, which probably override those in the respective .AFS containers. These .KSS files are also unpacked, while the files in .AFS containers seem to be packed. More on that in the section on *.AFS containers.
  .VMS and .ADX - standard Windows WAV files, probably converted from a Dreamcast-specific format.
  .BIN - the only file with this extension is window/ending.bin, which is probably only a leftover from a Dreamcast system file (it looks like an executable file) 

* Hellbender

* Heroes of Might and Magic
  .AGG Container file, contains a lot of files from the following types:
  .82M: Sound effect files
  .ATK: Attack animation
  .BMP, .BKG: Bitmaps
  .FNT: Font information
  .ICN: Sprite archives
  .PAL: Color palettes

* Heroes of Might and Magic II
  .AGG: Container for the following files:
  .82M: Raw Wave Sound files
  .BMP: Bitmaps (Not a typical Microsoft Bitmap file)
  .FNT: Fonts (Not a typical Microsoft Font file)
  .ICN: Sprite archives
  .XMI: Standard MIDI music file (?) 

* Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods
  .PAL - Palette format.
  .SPR - The game's graphic format.
  .PCX - Some of the graphics are in PCX format (version 3).
  .WAV - Several sound effects are in standard WAV format.
  Redbook Audio - The game uses standard Redbook CD audio for music which can be ripped from the game disc.
  .AVI - The opening and ending videos are in AVI format. 

* Incubation

* Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge

* Lure of the Temptress

* Might and Magic 4

* Might and Magic 6
  .SMK - Standard Smacker(TM) videos in anims/*.vid
  Compressed .TGA files without extension in data/bitmaps.lod and data/icons.lod. They seem to contain multiple images each, with different levels of detail.
  .BIN, .EVT, .TXT, .STR, .FNT files in data/icons.lod , each with some kind of compression (to be determined. It's probably the same as the compression used for the level data)
  .BLV Dungeon level data for the 3D dungeons in data/games.lod
  .ODM Outdoor level data in data/games.lod
  .DDM Outdoor level item data data/games.lod
  .DLV Dungeon level item data for the 3D dungeons in data/games.lod 

* Mystic Towers

* Operation Flashpoint

* Resident Evil
  .BIN 	Unknown
  .BGZ 	Background images (Gamecube version)
  .BSS 	Background images (Playstation version)
  .DAT 	Unknown
  .DOR 	Door animation
  .EMD 	Enemy/player 3D model
  .EMW 	Player 3D model with weapon?
  .ESP 	Unknown
  .ETM 	Texture IMage, see .TIM
  .HED 	Unknown (Playstation version)
  .HSB 	Unknown (Playstation version)
  .IVM 	Texture IMage, see .TIM
  .PAK 	Background images (PC version)
  .PIX 	Raw 16 bits image
  .PTC 	Raw 24-bit image
  .RDT 	Room description
  .RGB 	Raw 24-bit image (Playstation version)
  .STF 	Unknown (Playstation version)
  .STR 	Movies (Playstation version)
  .TIM 	Texture IMage
  .VB 	waveform data format for ADPCM (Playstation version)
  .TMD 	3D model
  .XAS 	CD-ROM XA audio stream (Playstation version) 

* Resident Evil 2
  .ADT 	Advanced Data Texture?
  .BGM 	Background music, with 'SEQp' ID at start of file
  .BIN 	Various binary files
  .CPT 	Raw 24 bits image
  .DAT 	Unknown
  .DIE 	Texture IMage, see .TIM
  .DO2 	Door sequence
  .EDH 	Unknown
  .EMD 	Enemy/player 3D model
  .EMS 	Archive of files (contains .EMD and .TIM files, Playstation version)
  .ESP 	Unknown
  .ITP 	File containing several .TIM files concatenated (Playstation version).
  .PLD 	Player data? (similar structure as .EMD)
  .PLW 	Player weapon? (same structure as .PLD)
  .RDT 	Room description
  .SAP 	Sound sample (WAV file with 8 extra bytes to skip at start of file)
  .TIM 	Texture IMage
  .TM2 	Unknown
  .TS 	Texture IMage, see .TIM 

* Resident Evil 3
  .DAT (Resident Evil 3) Game data 
  .ARD 	Room description (Playstation)
  .BGM 	Background music
  .BIN 	Unknown (Playstation)
  .BSS 	Background images (Playstation)
  .DAT 	Unknown - can vary, sometimes this is movie data.
  .DO2 	Door data
  .EMD 	Monster and NPC data, 3D model
  .ESP 	Unknown
  .JPG 	JPEG image
  .MAP 	Unknown
  .PIX 	Raw image
  .PLD 	Player data
  .PLW 	Player weapon
  .RBJ 	Player and NPC animations in Room
  .RDT 	Room description
  .SLD 	Scene layer data
  .SND 	Unknown
  .STR 	Movie (Playstation)
  .TIM 	Texture image
  .VB 	Sound data
  .VH 	Sound header
  .WAV 	WAV audio sample
  .XAS 	Audio (Playstation) 

* Telekommando2

* Terminal Velocity

* The Fourth Generation

* Toonstruck

* Wipeout
  .AV 	Movie
  .CMP 	Compressed archive of TIM images
  .PRM 	3D Model
  .RST 	Unknown
  .SCN 	Basic scene container
  .TEX 	Texture?
  .TIM 	Texture image
  .TRF 	Track faces
  .TRS 	Track sections
  .TRV 	Track vertices
  .TTF 	Unknown
  .VAB 	Music similar to midi
  .VB 	Unknown
  .VH 	Unknown
  .WAD 	Archive of track related files (PC version) 

* Wayne's World

* Witchaven