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Format Specifications

The resource files are split into header .rfh files and .rfd data files, in the data dir of the E:BFD installation folder. A .rfh file lists the filenames, and where they can be found in the .rfd file.

.rfh (index file) info
sequential records, different sizes (24 bytes + filename length) 

offset  size	
0	4	filename string length (inc ending zero)
4	4	file date
8	4	compressed flag
12	4	file size compressed
16	4	file size (uncompressed)
20	4	start offset in data file
24		zero terminated filename string

.rfd (data file) info

sequential records, different sizes as defined in .rfh
each block contains a file's data.
if the data is compressed then there is a 6 byte header
before the compressed data
offset	size
0	4	file size (uncompressed)
4	2	magic number 78 DA 

The compression used is the same as the deflate method used in a zip file.
(Huffman coding and LZ77).

Compatible Programs