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All information and software provided on XentaxWiki ("here", "the wiki") is presented as is, with no guarantee, express or implied, that any of it can be used in any way, for any reason, ever (if individual authors want to put themselves at risk legally and provide these guarantees in any way, that's between them and the re-user ("you")). XentaxWiki, Xentax, the Xentax Foundation, and its staff, members, and users ("We") are not responsible for damage caused to your software, hardware, legal standing, relationships, health, or sanity by the use of any of the information or software here.

We don't advise using copyrighted materials in ways that break the copyright (generally, redistribution, especially if others have to pay you to get it). You will find, while browsing the wiki and forums, samples of archive files, screenshots, and other such copyrighted materials; the presentation of these is believed to fall under fair use, and they are provided for purely educational/informational purposes.

Lastly: we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information you will find here. If you notice an error, fix it!