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This Wiki needs YOU

If you think this site is helpful, why not add to it and make it even more helpful? We want you to contribute to this wiki. If you see mistakes, omissions, dead ends, broken links, or other things that are wrong, you can edit them yourself and make this wiki more useful for the next guy. If you really want to contribute, add a new format to the Game Resource Archives Section. We want to expand it to become the largest resource available on this subject.

Also, if you have ideas about the structure of this site, its contents, or anything else, feel free to share them in the discussion areas or on the XeNTaX forums. All pages can be edited by anyone, except some parts of the front page. No registration required.

Todo list

Current work in progress

  • 29 may Release. On sunday, XeNTaX will send out a press release to several major and minor sites and the wiki will be open for the public.
  • Overseeing growth. We are adding new content while assisting new members

Future Improvements

  • Phase 2. We're running into a problem with games that share the same archive type. We came to a solution that involves creating separate pages for common filetypes. Planning & info is here: Filetype Refactoring.

Once again, anonymous editing has been disabled to fight spammers

It's really the only way to halt the recent influx of spammers. I'm also thinking of making all links nofollow, like on Wikipedia, although that may somewhat disadvantage some of the people that post bonafide links here. I'm open for suggestions.