Using UnrealEditor to Extract UT2004 Character meshes

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UnrealEd was to make maps for Unreal, but you can also do some other stuff with it.

How To Extract Them Characters

1. Open up UnrealEd ("C:\UT2004\System\UnrealEd.exe" or "Start>All Programs>Unreal Tournament 2004>UT2004 Editor.lnk"

2. When it has loaded, you should see a window inside the editor called "textures", that window has tabs too, so click on Actor Classes.

3. Now you will have a directory like listing, under Actor goto *Pawn then highlight *UnrealPawn and then HIGHLIGHT *xPawn.

4. After high lighting that go to Animations tab, there is a open folder icon, click on that, and open SkaarjAnims.ukx, which will be our example. (later on, you can choose any ukx*).

5. You opened it, now in the big grey box in the middle, you will see a character (drag it like a file if you dont see anything).

6. At the top of this box, you will also see some text in white titled "SkaarjedAnims.SkaarjUT2004"

7. Now go to file>open and open any .ut2 file (those are maps)

8. After it loads right click on an empty spot in the map and select Add *xPawn here

9. Now a character should appear. If it isnt the skaarj thing, then right click on it and click xPawn Properties.

10. Click Display, then highlight Mesh, in the textbox type in 'SkaarjAnims.SkaarkUT2004' then click Use.

11. So now you should have the Skaarj thing in the map, right click on it (you may have to left click it to select it first) and go to Convert>To Static Mesh.

12. A window has popped up, you will be only filling out the top and bottom textbox, not the middle. so say something like project1, or skaarj1 for both bottom and top text boxes abd hit OK.

13. Go to file>new

14. Now go to View>Show Static Mesh Browser

15. From the drop down list, select what you named it as (remember? something like project1 or Skaarj1) after you select it it should show it.

16. Now look at those list of buttons (one will be an opening folder and another would be a floppy diskette) click on the sixth one, which looks like two blocks on top and one going through the middle at the bottom.

17. now it should be in the level, you will see a wireframe of it in the map, now go to file>export... and save it as an OBJ file.

18. Open the obj in any 3d modelling software! convert it to what ever format you would like.

  • look around in UKX to see which model you want, replace 'SkaarjAnims.SkaarjUT2004' with what the model you like shows.

Original Tutorial with pictures [here]

Rewritten by dyce.