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Jaeder Naub V1.7.6a

Updated from 1.7.5f to 1.7.6a [11 January 2005]

Time changes. ive had a major issue in my life, no phone, no internet. etc etc. which is kinda sad now when ive made a major breakthru on jaeder naub. at the moment i can only write about the changes, you will have to wait until i find a way to host it.

Hello there dear rippers! =D
Still in alpha stage , but works kinda fine anyway :D

Significant fixes in 1.7.6a:
MP3 Ripper implemented.
MPEG-1/2 Ripper implemented.
DirectX texture Ripper/Converter implemented.
ILBM Ripper implemented.
SWA Audio files Ripper/Converter implemented.
Shockwave/Flash files ripper.
Silent Hill 4 - Snapshot to TGA converter.
+ more formats i cant remember right now.

rewrote segments for BinK ripper, now more accurate.
Scrapped the SH3 to BMP converter and rewrote the whole code.
it is now 500% faster and will convert to TGA instead.
Config file save now works. and will always be loaded on startup.
Save name option for naming ripped files after name_$offset_$length.extension.
more archive and packer/cryptor identifers.
. very handy for injecting files into archives later.
numerous and tons of bugfixes in this release.
oh, also started to code an Injection section for the ripper
so you could actually inject files later. (this is early beta though)

take care! =)

It was from the beginning intentionally created
to rip out textures/sound from Silent Hill 3, Max Payne 1&2,
3D Mark 99/00/01, and Scene Demos (such as Farbrausch demos, remember to unpack those first).
so I cannot promise it will break thru all other datafiles/Exefiles
out there =)
(Tested successfully on some PSP roms out there though)

and make sure you depack any packed exe files before you load
them into the ripper, as it will not depack it =)

The ripper has bugs, yes. so please do not report obvious bugs =D


Thanks Strobe!! Will give it a nice place! - Mr.Mouse