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Jaeder Naub V1.7.4c

Updated from 1.7.4a to 1.7.4c [17 October 2005]

Hello there dear rippers! =D
Still in alpha stage , but works kinda fine anyway :D
[Edit: 17 oct - now the download actually works... =X ]
Most significant fixes of 1.7.4c:
Ripper failed if the folder "ripped" werent present in the same directory.
fixed now =/ *sigh*
funny how new bugs are introduced when others are being fixed....
I hope that no one downloaded 1.7.4a ...because it wouldn't really rip out anything at all. =X

It was from the beginning intentionally created
to rip out textures/sound from Silent Hill 3, Max Payne 1&2,
3D Mark 99/00/01, and Scene Demos (such as Farbrausch demos, remember to unpack those first).
so I cannot promise it will break thru all other datafiles/Exefiles
out there =)
(Tested successfully on some PSP roms out there though)

and make sure you depack any packed exe files before you load
them into the ripper, as it will not depack it =)

The ripper has bugs, yes. so please do not report obvious bugs =D


Thanks Strobe!! Will give it a nice place! - Mr.Mouse