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E-mail: elbwiki (at) elberethzone (dot) com
MSN: net.passport (at) drgsoft (dot) com

So you reached that page.. I am sure you got here by mistake! Let me talk a little bit about me then (you can leave now if you wish):

I am 26 years old, my real name is Alexandre Devilliers.

Here is some boring stuff about my life:

After 3 years studying biology, I decided it wasn't worth the pain ;-) so I switched to MIAGE (which is rougly computer science combined with financial/economic stuff). Another 3 years of hard word and I am done with the studies time for a job!

My first job was with a big consultant group (which I will not name) for 2 years. Now I am SAP IS-U consultant for a small company.

I live in France near Paris but work all around Europe (mainly Belgium atm).

For 8 years I lived in Madrid (Spain) when I was a child, so I speak fluently spanish (but I am very bad at writing it.. many mistakes). Then for 4 years in Athens (Greece), but I never learned greek.. I learned english at school and university, so don't blame me for the horrible mistakes I surely made and will make.

I learned how to program on an Amstrad CPC 6128 in BASIC. That's why when I switched to PC I continued programming in BASIC. First in QuickBasic (Quake UnPACKer for example) then Visual Basic for DOS. When Windows came, I started looking at Visual Basic v1.00 (if I remember correctly) but it isn't before the v3.00 that I started using it properly. That's when I first started working on Dragon UnPACKer v3.00 which was never released (crash disk.. lost all sources, so I stopped everything for a long time).

Much later I used VB5 to create Dragon UnPACKer v4. Which is the piece of software the most buggy ever made!

I then decided to switch to Delphi, because I learned how to use Pascal at university, and that language was very easy to master, but at the same time very powerful. Here is how I created Dragon UnPACKer 5.0.

Because I then started to work, and my spare time was shrinking I decided to make the soft Open source. I might release the source of v4 too in VB but it is so ugly... not sure. ;-)

So my field of expertise on archives is finding clear indexes and data in archives. If crypted or compressed I am almost useless. Never learned anything about this and don't know effective methods to crack crypted stuff.