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My Websites

Forum: Modding_Carnivores Forum

Contact Me

E-mail: dragon_lord_of_xantherNOSPAM[at]yahoo[dot]com
G-mail: dragonlordofxantherNOSPAM[at]gmail[dot]com
To email me, remove the NOSPAM from the addresses, replace [at] with "@" (no quotes), and replace [dot] with "." (no quotes).
I will leave them like this until someone makes me a couple of images that has the addresses on them.

About Me

My name is Phillip Patriakeas, I live somewhere in Illinois, and am 16 years old as of June 1, 2005 (my birthdate is August 5, 1988, if it makes any difference). I will be a senior in high school next year, and I have not really entered the work force.

If you wish to know anything else about me, just edit this page (or section!!!) and append your question to the end of it, or edit my User talk:Dinoguy1000 page, and I will answer it how I see fit. Until then, this is all you will know about me! ;-)

To Do List

  • Kick my lazy butt into gear
  • Add some formats
    • Carnivores .MAP
    • Carnivores .RSC
    • Carnivores .SAV
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .MAP
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .RSC
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .SAV
  • Look through the Wiki better