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* <strike>Look through the WIKI better</strike>
* <strike>Look through the WIKI better</strike>
* Work on the WIKI more
* Work on the WIKI more
==Other Stuff ==
* [http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000 My contributions]

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My Websites

Forum: Modding_Carnivores Forum

Contact Me

G-mail: dragonlordofxantherNOSPAM[at]gmail[dot]com
To email me, remove the NOSPAM from the addresses, replace [at] with "@" (no quotes), and replace [dot] with "." (no quotes).
I will leave them like this until someone makes me a couple of images that has the addresses on them.

About Me

My name is Phillip Patriakeas, I live in scenic Pana, Illinois; and I am 18 years old as of August 13, 2006 (my birthdate is August 5, 1988, if it makes any difference). I graduated high school this year, I plan on going to college next year (gonna be a programmer, go figure! =D ), and I have not really entered the work force, on account of my laziness ( =P ).

If you wish to know anything else about me, just edit this page (or section!!!) and append your question to the end of it, or edit my talk page, and I will answer it how I see fit. Until then, this is all you will know about me! ;-)

To Do List

  • Kick my lazy butt into gear
  • Add some formats
    • Carnivores .MAP
    • Carnivores .RSC
    • Carnivores .SAV
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .MAP
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .RSC
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age .SAV
  • Look through the WIKI better
  • Work on the WIKI more

Other Stuff