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Primarily written articles

Articles contributed to


You may find some extraction and conversion tools here [2]. The articles were based on the research made during the development of these tools; some formats have not yet been documented here.


  • Add information on:
* The 7th Guest
* The 11th Hour
* Broken Sword 1/2
* Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine
* Jack Orlando (?)
* The Longest Journey
* The Moment of Silence (?)
* The Riddle of Master Lu
* Runaway (?)
* Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Rose Tattoo (?)
* Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Serrated Scalpel
* Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
* Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger
* Star Trek: Judgment Rites
* Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
* Syberia 1/2
* RLE decompression
* LZSS decompression

... as soon as I have time to parse through my source code ... ;-)