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  • Format Type : Archive
  • Endian Order : Big Endian container, Little Endian data

Format Specifications

char {60}    - Header (The Sims: IFF FILE 2.5:TYPE FOLLOWED BY SIZE\0 JAMIE DOORNBOS & MAXIS 1)
uint32 {4}   - Offset to resource map (sometimes is 0)

// for each file

char {4}     - Extension/Type
uint32 {4}   - Size (including 76 byte header)
uint16 {2}   - File ID
uint16 {2}   - Flags (0x0000 or 0x0010)
char {64}    - Label C string
byte {X}     - File Data

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Compatible Programs

Other Extensions

The Sims and The Sims Online use the extensions .iff .spf .stx .flr .wll

Chunk formats

Chunk formats are game-specific.

Other Games

These games also use this file format

  • The Sims *.iff *.flr *.wll
  • The Sims Online *.iff *.flr *.wll *.spr