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(This is for redoing the GRAFs page, each letter will be moved onto its own page to cut the file size, and eventually the tutorials for adding/editing format entries will be put on the GRAFs main page.)
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'''{{MediaWiki:Toc}}:''' [[GRAFs|GRAFs page]] - [[GRAFs/All|All]] - [[GRAFs/0-9|0-9]] [[GRAFs/A|A]] [[GRAFs/B|B]] [[GRAFs/C|C]] [[GRAFs/D|D]] [[GRAFs/E|E]] [[GRAFs/F|F]] [[GRAFs/G|G]] [[GRAFs/H|H]] [[GRAFs/I|I]] [[GRAFs/J|J]] [[GRAFs/K|K]] [[GRAFs/L|L]] [[GRAFs/M|M]] [[GRAFs/N|N]] [[GRAFs/O|O]] [[GRAFs/P|P]] [[GRAFs/Q|Q]] [[GRAFs/R|R]] [[GRAFs/S|S]] [[GRAFs/T|T]] [[GRAFs/U|U]] [[GRAFs/V|V]] [[GRAFs/W|W]] [[GRAFs/X|X]] [[GRAFs/Y|Y]] [[GRAFs/Z|Z]] __NOTOC__ <noinclude>[[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>
'''{{MediaWiki:Toc}}:''' [[GRAFs|GRAFs page]] - [[GRAFs/All|All]] - [[GRAFs/0-9|0-9]] [[GRAFs/A|A]] [[GRAFs/B|B]] [[GRAFs/C|C]] [[GRAFs/D|D]] [[GRAFs/E|E]] [[GRAFs/F|F]] [[GRAFs/G|G]] [[GRAFs/H|H]] [[GRAFs/I|I]] [[GRAFs/J|J]] [[GRAFs/K|K]] [[GRAFs/L|L]] [[GRAFs/M|M]] [[GRAFs/N|N]] [[GRAFs/O|O]] [[GRAFs/P|P]] [[GRAFs/Q|Q]] [[GRAFs/R|R]] [[GRAFs/S|S]] [[GRAFs/T|T]] [[GRAFs/U|U]] [[GRAFs/V|V]] [[GRAFs/W|W]] [[GRAFs/X|X]] [[GRAFs/Y|Y]] [[GRAFs/Z|Z]] - [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} Edit] __NOTOC__ <noinclude>[[Category:Templates|CompactGRAFTOC]]</noinclude>

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