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== Reason not good enough ==
== Reason not good enough ==
We already have backups, and this wiki will last. I don't see any reason for SQL dumps at this point in time. Sorry.
We already have backups, and this wiki will last. I don't see any reason for SQL dumps at this point in time. Sorry. --[[User:Captain|Captain]]

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A suggestion re: the wiki attack bots

Mr Mouse / Captain,

Obviously the attack bots are annoying - maybe there is something we can do to try and limit their effect rather than the more difficult task of preventing it from happening. One suggestion might be to try and implement a timer much like on the forums - for example, a user can only make 1 change every minute. If you see the recent changes, all the changes are done by these bots within the same minute, so this should be a sure fire way to help the problem.

Another suggestion - is there any way we can delete all posts from a user at the same time. This could be a good thing.

Oh, something similar - when a bot attacks we can quickly find out all their changes by clicking on the "My Contributions" link at the top of the page, and changing the name in the address bar to the name of the spammer. For example, it usually comes up and says target=WATTO for me, just change it to target=XXX and it will show all posts by the spammer.

These are all just suggestions - I don't know if anything can be implemented, but this might spark a few ideas anyway.



You can click on Dif when viewing latest changes and then click on contrib for that user. Example : http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php?title=GRAFs&curid=938&diff=2054&oldid=2034&rcid=3654 Then you will see all this user did. I agree that these bots get annoying. I will look into this matter.



I like both the time block and mass edit/revert options.
At this rate, all the good names will have been used by these bots, and (real) members will have to register with sucky names, like 'Dinoguy1000'... =D
Not to mention that we will undoubtedly eventually be spending more time deleting pages, reverting edits, and blocking bots than doing any real work on the Wiki.

P.S. Not that this is the place to ask it, but what's the difference between a Sysop and a Bureaucrat? This is something that's been bugging me for a while.

P.P.S. (or perhaps P.S.S. ...?) I think we need to separate the true members from the bots. I was thinking a notice on the main page that all new members post some content on their own page (even nothing more than, say, hfihjk) so we know, with a certain degree of incompetence, who is and isn't a true member.


I'll look into time blocking, but this won't stop a determined spammer.

The only extra power a Bureaucrat has is the ability to turn other members into Sysops or Bureaucrats, or revoke those rights. There's no super secret control system behind what you can already see.

Mr. Mouse and I are looking for more structural solutions for the spamming problem. Captain

Spamfilter installed

I've installed a spamfilter (http://www.ioerror.us/software/bad-behavior/). I propose we give it a few days to see if it actually works. If it isn't adequate, I'll look into blacklisting and other mentioned solutions. When making suggestions about the wiki, please note that since both Mr. Mouse and I don't have a lot of time to do this kind of stuff, we prefer software that already exists (in the form of mediawiki extensions, for example). Cheers.

Captain 17:03, 18 Dec 2005 (EST)

So far, so good :)

Looking good so far - I realise that we don't really have time to program the wiki, so hopefully this extension will do the trick.

Now some comments on what/why I was deleting pages, for those that are wondering...

When I did the restructure of the GRAF page a week ago, I created a heap of new pages to house the individual file extensions for the games. Consquently, this meant that many of the original game pages were no longer needed. I had originally just left most of the pages on the wiki, just removed all the links to them, however I found out that when you search for a game in the box on the left, it will search through these old pages too. I therefore removed most, of not all, of these old pages today, so that users can't access them and they will instead be pointed to the new restructured pages. On a similar note, I added a larger and more obvious link to the main page that directs users to the game index - I identified that it wasn't particularly clear as to where to find the information people want.

Thats all I think. Any problems - just ask.


A question re: the navigation on the left

Just a quick question (probably for Captain) - wondering whether I am able to change things in the background functioning of the wiki. For example, am I able to change the links in the Navigation on the left. I thought it might be appropriate to include some of the main pages such as the GRAF and Tools pages in the navigation, and probably remove some like the community portal or current events.

I know how to access the general MediaWiki: pages, but I couldn't really find anything there which would let me do it, so I am assuming it is in the backend programming somewhere. If this is the case - don't worry about it - I just thought maybe some things like that would be possible for me to perform.


Yes, that is possible

In the latest version of MediaWiki. I've already asked Captain some time ago to look into the matter of updating the WIKI version to the latest one, so we can also change the navigation bar. I've done this on another wiki I work on as well, and it's really easy. However, we will have to update the XeNTaXWiki software for this.The MediaWIKI guys say it's just a matter of overwriting the old software. Hold your breath while we work this out. ;)


OK Cool

OK cool, well maybe this is a good time to ask whether it is possible to get a dump of all the pages in the database, or a raw database dump or something - I would hate to have put in all this work for nothing.

I know there is an XML dumping tool that I can use to do this, but it requires me to enter the names of all the page names 1 at a time.

Anyway, if we do upgrade to the newer wiki software, i don't envisage any problems, and then I look forward to making some minor modifications.


Alright alright I'll upgrade the version

And another proposal: Since this spam filter seems to be doing its job, maybe it's a good idea to reopen anonymous comments. We can always close it again if it doesn't work out.

EDIT: Watto, what are you trying to accomplish with the database dump? Would an SQL dump work for whatever you want to do? Because that would be pretty easy for me.


Reason for SQL dump

Firstly, yeah we can give the anonymous posting another chance if you wish - i have no problems with that.

Now, re: the SQL dump - I basically wanted to know whether it was easy to grab the contents of the database, mostly for the following reasons... 1. A backup incase there is a problem 2. I would like to have access to all the stuff I have written 3. If, in the future, I need to write some of this stuff into another wiki somewhere, I would prefer to have a copy that was already "wiki formatted" rather than having to do it all again.

If it is too much trouble, don't worry about it, and I certainly don't have a need for it at the moment, i am just kinda looking ahead into the future and trying to see what possibilities there are. I would be happy with any kind of dump really - I am not sure how the wiki software works, but if you could dump the contents of all the pages it would be great (don't really need the history of each page - but like I said, I don't know how its all stored in the DB), otherwise a full SQL dump or anything - the main thing is that I would need the actual database content rather than the structure.

Thanks mate, and if its too much hassle or whatever, don't bother - just thought it might have been relatively easy to do. Good luck with the upgrade of MediaWiki.


Reason not good enough

We already have backups, and this wiki will last. I don't see any reason for SQL dumps at this point in time. Sorry. --Captain