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Starting General Restructure for better maintenance/updating

OK guys, I have started to re-organise the structure of the GRAF wiki area. I am mainly after any critisisms, otherwise I will continue to convert all the remaining format pages over into the new structure. Here are the main changes...

1. The different formats used in a game will all have separate pages. This is partly due to point 2. 2. All games that use the same format will point to 1 instance of the page. A good example is that all games using ZIP archives point to a single ZipArchive page. 3. Because of points 1 and 2, the GRAF main page looks different, with each extension listed next to the game name. This makes it a little messier, but more functional.

If anyone has any complaints about this, feel free to lodge them here ASAP. I think its looking good so far, and will definately make things easier for both the updaters and the readers.