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I'm working on a translator for MultiEx scripts, that could be used as a barebone format specification. Should not be too difficult to get a text file that looks like a proper format description. Also, I think the format specifications need not be too much a layout thing (=work). A simple textual representation (standard ASCII) should also suffice? - Mike

Most "official"BMS in

Mr.Mouse : Okay, I got most of my BMS in here. Now I will turn to the few plugins that I have, and see if I can get those specs right. We should also get a page dedicated to encryption techniques, i think, to link to when needed. I will start by getting a Painkiller game page, and then create a Encryption Index page, with a link to a encryption page, to which the Game Page will also link.

Nice idea to write the Phase 2 plan down in Community portal. Is that something that will move to "Current Events" when work is actually done on Phase 2?

I don't know. Probably.

I'll move it around if it annoys me. Or someone else can.