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Hmm... Perhaps we should keep some consistency and alphabetize this and other pages? Post your thoughts, please. Dinoguy1000


I have no problem with this page. Some of these tools are old and never updated. What I do agree with is that the format of information is not quite established. On the one hand you want to let people know what a tool is about, and on the other hand the risk is indeed that we as authors of these tools try to sell it. One of my biggest gripes with this stuff is that there is apparently competition between authors to sell their tool instead to users instead of the tools of others.

It is really the downside of this business. Look, we, as XeNTaX, have been hosting the Game Request forum en the XeNTaX WIKI for a long time now, and it has become succesful because we joined hands (as authors of similar tools) instead of restricting knowledge of MultiEx Commander only. The success of the WIKI and the forum is "free advertising" for the other tools. We rely on donations to keep up the website and the forum, and if users don't donate, we can't keep it up. So, if we all just use it as advertising for our own tools, that is a shame.


Agreeing with both of you.

I think I will be taking the approach of Mr Mouse here - I realise that all the stuff like the wiki and the forums are hosted by him, out of his pocket, however I thought it important that we should collaborate the material rather than have me set up a separate forum. However, at the same time, I really try as hard as possible not to promote Game Extractor on the forums because I don't feel that it is the right place to do it. (and thankfully that seems to be working - my website stats show that I hardily get any traffic from the forums).

I think the website should primarily be for the promoting and research of the formats, not the products, so it is sensible that there is only 1 or 2 pages that really do any promoting. I think that, if we get a few more programs on this page, we will need to do some alphabetical sorting or something, but in the meantime there are only a few programs here and we really want to "promote" the ones that are the most benificial and those that are most maintained, which is what it currently does.

Thanks for the imput - its something that should be considered in the future, with more programs.