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VQA is not a GRAF. It is a full-motion video format. VQA Format Description


Well, if it's not a GRAF, then we should remove it from this list. Agreed? --Mr.Mouse


Even though this is not an archive, it can be treated as an archive. I mean, it is still possible to extract certain parts of the file by reading it, so I don't see why we should remove it - someone might want to extract the specific parts.

If we do remove it though, we should also get rid of the Bink extractor format *.bik because they are video, but similarly they can be treated as an archive too.


Agreeing with Watto

Even if it's not technically a GRAF, it's still useful for people to have information available about what's inside the archive. If it's a commonly used technique, we can always move it to a separate page, but I wouldn't delete it. -Captain 03:25, 1 Jun 2005 (EDT)

No, we should move it

Well, I do think that when something is a videoformat, sound format or other type of multimedia file, we should not treat is as an archive.

The whole purpose of an archive is to store resources, primarily. If we start treating the resources themselves as achives, we're losing it.

In this respect, the C&C videoformat may indeed contain other information that can be extracted, but how often have we not found that specific parts in an archive have offset pointers pointing to them, size variables referring to them, while they are either further headers, tails and such, or plain padding? Should we start extracting them as well? No, we shouldn't.

This is a borderline case, but we may need it to set a precedent. It should go on a separate (multimedia files) page.


Well, it should still be linked from here

IMO, a game page should be a place where information about the game format(s) are gathered. If we start putting restrictions on the type of information displayed, I think the page becomes less useful.

So, there should at least be a link to more info about this type of file.-Captain 04:26, 1 Jun 2005 (EDT)


Yes, I was not trying to get the info deleted. I would just like to see it at another section, and the game page may link to it, that's fine. But this is about defining a Game Resource Archive. And in my opinion it does not meet the criteria, so it should not be on a GRAF page. --Mr.Mouse 04:31, 1 Jun 2005 (EDT)

OK then

I understand what you are saying, but I just prefer to think of an archive (or GRAF) as being anything that contains multiple files, or multiple file parts. Therefore, seeing as though this format does store multiple parts, and it is possible that someone may want to extract one of those parts, then I treat it as an archive.

However, it is true that it is not an archive in the typical sense as it does not contain individual files, only parts of a file. Therefore, if you feel that it should be placed in another section, I will be comfortable with this.