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Format Specifications

// General structure

char{38}	Header
char{267}		Resource info 

// Header

char{6}		Identity tag '200472' 
uint16{2}	Unknown 
uint32{4}	Unknown
uint32{4}	Unknown
uint32{4}	Unknown
uint32{4}	Unknown
uint32{4}	Unknown
uint16{2}	Number of resources 
uint32{4}	Size of archive/index file 
uint32{4}	Number of resources

// Resource info 

uint32{4}	Unknown
char{255}	Resource name 
		(it looks like the maximum length is 255, and the names 
		are null-terminated. Junk is used to pad up to 255?
uint32{4}	Resource Size in PAK file
uint32{4}	Resource Offset in PAK file

MultiEx BMS

  • Processed by MexCom plugin.

Notes and Comments

The IDX files are actually index files, specifying contents of .PAK files that contain the actual resources. For examples, the image.idx file refers to a image.pak file.

Supported by Programs