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Format Specifications


uint32 constant00
uint32 numBones
struct Bone {
    float[16] Matrix4X4 
uint32 numVerts
struct Vert {
    float[3] CoordXYZ
    float Weight
    byte BoneID01
    byte BoneID02
    byte NULL1
    byte NULL2
    float[3] NormalXYZ
    float[2] TexCoordUV

uint32 numFaces
numFaces Face {
    uint16[3] v1, v2, v3


uint32 null
uint32 numVerts

numVerts Vertex {
    float[3] vx, vy, vz
    float[3] nx, ny, nz
    float[2] tu, tv

uint32 numFaces
numFaces Face {
   uint16[3] v1, v2, v3


There are two types of 3DC's. The first type is specified above. The second type is very similar, except without the bone struct or the numBones (the vertex struct is still the same though)

Import Scripts

Any import scripts that have been written.

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