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Format Specifications

File header. Common to all .cam files

char {8}     - Header (CYLBPC + 0x20 0x20)
uint16 {2}   - Cam File Type
uint16 {2}   - Version
uint32 {4}   - Number Of Segment Types
uint32 {4}   - length of the data segment type description area

Known file types:

  • 1, pregame[ ,f,g,i,s,u].cam, textdat[a,f,g,i,p,s,u].cam files
  • 2  everything not listed in other types
  • 3

File Type 1 Format

Currently unfinished

File Type 2 Format

Currently unfinished
// for each type

uint32 {4}   - Segment Type ID
uint32 {4}   - Byte number of the segment descriptor record

// segement descriptor record, one for each segment type

uint32 {4}   - Number of records
uint32 {4}   - unknown (0x0000)

// data records descriptors for each segment
uint32 {4}   - data record name, ie. p012, p013, p014 etc.
uint32 {4}   - Byte number of the start of data
uint32 {4}   - data length
uint32 {4}   - Length of record name (follows in name array)

// array of record names

An array of names, each name corresponding to a record in the order given above follows here...

uint8 {same as number of records} (note some lengths can be 0)

// buffer, filled with 0x00
A buffer filled with nulls follows. The next data is that pointed to by the 'Byte number of the start of data' above. The format of this data will depend upon the record type.

File Type 3 Format

Currently unfinished


uint32 {4}   - Picture type ID (possibly 0x01 TGA, 0x08 BM8, 0x04 BM4)

See Playboy_PICT_1 or Playboy_PICT_2

MultiEx BMS

Not written yet

Supported Programs