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  • Over 100 file formats have been added in 2020!

We were able to add over 100 new articles with file formats to Xentax Wiki.



  • Back after an attack

We suffered an attack on our site months ago that rendered this wiki to be killed.



  • Update of website soon

With a bit of luck, we'll be updating the mediawiki code to the latest version before the end of the year. Hold your breath until then and excuse any downtime you may experience.


  • July 2007: 1500 GRAFs!

Total game resource archive formats referenced now 1500!

  • July 2007: Calculate Check!

We have installed a simple check when people edit something. Now you will have to give the right answer to a simple sum. We have a problem with spammers, so hope that this will help.


  • April 2007: BMS tags back online!

Fixed a rather odd bug in the BMS tagging. Works again now!


  • March 2007: BMS tags offline due to error!

No more bms tagging at the wiki, because of serious bug. Will return as soon as fix is ready.



  • October 2006: MultiEx Commander 4.3.0

Today we have released the new version of MultiEx Commander! Rush over here for the details!


  • June 2006: Xentax Foundation born!

Some big news today! Xentax is now officially a Foundation! Read the details at the frontpage!


  • May 2006: Mediawiki 1.6

We upgraded the Mediawiki code to the latest installment! Version 1.6 is now up and running (we ran 1.4).


  • January 2006: Happy New Year!

We're bringing the New Year in with a bang with the publication of the BMS guide, allowing anyone with even the most rudimentary programming skills to write their own scripts for MexCom.



  • December 2005: 1035 formats!

Great news! We have broken through the 1000 mark! Yep, more than 1000 game archive format specifications are listed here, covering a whopping 851 games.


  • November 2005: 834 formats!

This month we have broken through the 800 games mark! Huge thanks to all those people that have contributed.

In other news, we have a new sysop. A big welcome to Dinoguy1000.


  • October 2005: 783 formats!

Regular updates have us scratching the 800 formats ceiling! Keep up the good work, team!


  • July 11th 2005: Nearing 700 formats!

With weekly and sometimes daily updates we are reaching the 700 formats boundary!


  • May 29th 2005: Official release!

Today we have released this site to the public!