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General information

This utility makes it possible to extract files from and import into different game resource archive formats (GRAFs). Most games use large files in which they save all necessary files. This usually includes sounds, music, graphics, scripts and code. With MultiEx Commander you can open any file that has the same GRAF that MultiEx Commander can handle. Hundreds of games are supported for extraction, and importation is also permitted for many of them, and the number of supported formats is ever increasing! Note that you may not use it on copyrighted GRAFs from actual games without permission of the game developers! You can also ask us to add support for your favourite game.

visit for details on how to get it.


  • Hundreds of games supported, and the number is increasing.
  • EasyMod creates stand-alone mods for you to distribute!
  • Supports MultiEx script, QuickBMS script and all Game Extractor plugins.
  • Create some archives from scratch.
  • Auto-preview of pictures, sounds and text.
  • Create your own scripts using the Scriptor inside or get new ones from the forum!
  • Convert pictures to a format of your choice!
  • Very user-friendly graphical user interface!
  • Online usage only. You need internet.


Official Website