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Format Specifications

The *.TAB File:

// Header

uint32 {4}   - Version info?
uint32 {4}   - BlockSize
uint32 {4}   - Version info?

// For each entry

uint32 {4}   - Unknown (increasing with each entry, rapidly)
uint32 {4}   - Offset in blocks. To get the actual offset, multiply by the BlockSize
uint32 {4}   - Size

Notes and Comments

The name, size and offsets of resources in ARC files can be found in two support files.
First, there's a *.tab file where you will find the offsets and sizes of the resources.
Second, there's a *.txt file that lists all the names of the files in the ARC archive.
However, the list is longer than there are resources in the ARC file. This is because duplicate files and files with no extension are not saved in the ARC file.
You should scan the list and remove those. If you do you should find that the list is chronologically accurate, from top to bottom, with regards to resources saved in the ARC file.
NOTE: Resources are stored in the ARC archive and padded up to pre-specified blocks. The size of these pre-specified blocks can be found in the TAB file (see specifications).

For example, if resource 'A' is 4000 in size, and files are padded in blocks of 2048 bytes, two blocks of 2048 would be reserved in the ARC file to store resource 'A':

2 * 2048 = 4096, 4096-4000= 96

Thus, after the last byte of the resource you will find 96 bytes used to fill the second block. The next resource would then start after those 96, i.e. at the third block.

MultiEx BMS Script

Processed by a plugin in MultiEx Commander

Supported by Programs

MultiEx Commander http://multiex.xentax.com




Just Cause


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