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Version info

Jaeder Naub V1.9.0t [Loveware] Compiled - 29 / August 2006. Core , Detections, Ripper, Converter, Crapper,
etc etc, all done by the very sweet and loveable Strobe.

fixes from 1.8.9m to 1.9.0t

The most important updates in this release!

MP3 Ripper enhanced.
Fixed a flaw and made RIFF ripper about 3000% faster.
Enhanced MexCom support.
Implemented more old format rippers,
for example FastTracker 1.0 modules.
Implemented an "Exotic Formats" on Options,
these are older Amiga formats. such as Hippel-COSO,
VAG Support updated.

Implemented a "UVAG" button on mainscreen.
this is a Universal VAG detector, to detect VAG audio without
any headers. if it finds it, it will try to recreate a header
and save the audio.

Now program stores Last path used.

Custom format creator Added. you can add filetypes
to rip (on a basic level though), if you know
how to do this :X (requires some knowledge in ripping)

Program flickering now reduced to a minimum.

XML bugs fixed.

Added much better Debug support. now creates a "debug.log" if
something goes wrong, with information.
(not really readable for others than me though)

AdLib rippers. Generic RIFF ripper. if the RIFF has no known header.
Export to TGA on the Raw Texture Viewer.

Splitter for files on the "File/Load" screen implemented.

Prototype for the UARF Ripper implemented.
and The ASCII scanner is now enhanced again to detect less
bogus material.

HexViewer in the program!, and can be set to XOR the data that
is viewed.


What is jaeder naub? Its a file ripper & converter, made to detect graphics, sounds and music from games or demo files. just load an exe or data file into it and see what you find.

Hosted by the fine chaps at http://www.xentax.com

Formats detected

BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Targa, Ogg Vorbis, MIDI Tracks ImpulseTracker, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, Zipped, Rar, PNG, Konami WAVE, DirectX Textures (all DXT), Enix/Square Waves, Konami Bitmaps, XM Modules, ADX Waves , AIX Waves, AVI Video, MPEG Video, PCX Images, Bink/Smacker Video data, DDS Textures. Konami PICT, SH4 Snap, XFIR Script, SF Bank, Shockwave/Flash. Macromedia SWA files, HTML, ASCII Data, MP3/MP2 Music, ILBM Images. AU Sound, AIFF Audio, LightWave Objects, 8SVX Audio, PSP-GAM, PSP-GIM, PSD, Adobe PDF, RealMedia, MO3 Compressed Music, RTF Text, Sony GAV, Specific game audio/gfx files + lots of various less known formats.




Jaeder Naub 1.9.0t - Download from XeNTaX