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Requesting a Format

Do you have a game or archive that you would like to have analysed? Post a message on the Request Forums and we will be happy to help you out.

Things You Need To Do

1. Game Description - This is very important - we need to know the name of the game, the type of archive, and what files you expect could be in the archive

A Good Example: "Could you please look at the *.pak archives from Quake - I think they contain the sounds and textures"

2. Example Archive - We will need an archive to look at. If there is an archive that is small (say under 1MB) then you can post it directly. Otherwise, if the archives are large, you will have to use one of our archive cutters. Both our cutters will copy a small piece from your archive, and zip it up for us.

WATTOs File Cutter
Mr Mouse's File Cutter

Both file cutters do the same thing - the one you use is up to you. If you use Mr Mouses file cutter, please also tell us the size of the archive (in bytes).

3. Any Additional Help - If you know any programs that support the archive, or any other helpful information such as source code or specifications documents, then please let us know - the more information we have, the easier it is to support your request.

Thanks guys, we look forward to helping you. The Analysis Team