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(Compatible Programs)
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* [[Game Extractor|Game Extractor]]
* [[Game Extractor|Game Extractor]]
* Offzip
* Offzip
* [https://forum.xentax.com/download/file.php?id=20218 ChaosWorks engine archive tool]

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Format Specifications

// for each file

char {2}     - Signature (VF)
byte {1}     - null
byte {1}     - Compressed (0=not compressed / 128=compressed)
uint32 {4}   - Compressed File Size (or junk if not compressed)
uint32 {4}   - Decompressed File Size
byte {X}     - File Data

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Notes and Comments

  • This file format appears in games created by Chaos Works team.
  • Uses ZLIB Compression for some files.


List of games using this file format:

  • Excessive Speed
  • Akimbo kung fu hero
  • Fire Fight (needs confirmation)

Compatible Programs