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We should start to protect pages or block anonymous users from being able to edit. Some of them are lowlife spammers that should be shot without trial --Mr.Mouse

Actually, I've fixed it. Now, only logged in users can edit pages. Note, anonymous users, that this is not a way to discourage you to help out by forcing you to register, it's a way of preventing spammers or spambots to have free access. We hope you understand. --Mr.Mouse

Thanks for disabling anonymous posting - that should hopefully make a difference. It got really annoying - I think I blocked about 25-30 people in 2 days! lets hope never again.


Agreed. Too bad it got out of hand. Captain

Hmm... should we unprotect select pages, then? Dinoguy1000

What pages specifically should you want unprotected? Well, we already have our first signed up l0ser spammer called "Bounty". I blocked him for life. 240000 hours should suffice. --Mr.Mouse

Well, we blocked anonymous users, but now bots still log in and spam. The Age Of Empires 3 Talk page seems to be popular. --Mr.Mouse

Yes, but it's a lot less frequent than it was. Captain