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Format Specifications

  uint16 {2}  magic               always set to 0x03fc
  uint32 {4}  index_offset        offset to index table (bytes, relative start of LIB file + 0x6)

Index table, stored at end of LIB file
  uint16 {2}  index_length        length of index table
  while not end of file
    uint32 {4}  preamble_offset   offset to preamble (bytes, relative to start of LIB file)
    char {13}   filename          filename (ASCIIZ)

File preamble
  uint32 {4}  file_length         length of file (bytes)
  the contents of the file follows the preamble.

Note: the last index entry appears always has the file name set to all zero's, and the preamble_offset set to an invalid file offset. This may be a checksum.

MultiEx BMS Script

to be written

Compatible Programs

none yet


These American Laser Games titles use the LIB format to pack their data:

  • Crime Patrol
  • Mad Dog McCree
  • Mad Dog McCree II: The Lost Gold

As they belong to the same genre, these ALG games are suspected to also use this LIB format:

  • Crime Patrol II: Drug Wars
  • Who Shot Johnny Rock
  • Space Pirates


This description was originally written by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com).