7th Level BIN 7L2

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BIN (Type 2)

Format Specifications

char {2}     - Header (7L)
uint16 {2}   - Version (1)
byte {1}     - Description Length
byte {79}    - Description (null)
uint16 {2}   - Number Of Files
uint16 {2}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint16 {2}   - Filename Directory Length
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint64 {8}   - null

// Directory

// for each file
uint16 {2}   - File Type ID? (1-11)
uint32 {4}   - Offset
uint32 {4}   - Length

// go to the filename directory

// for (each file?)
char {X}     - Filename
byte {1}     - null Filename Terminator

Notes and Comments

Someone needs to look at the specification layout for this, it's rather unusual...

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Supported by Programs





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